• 5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Sex Toys Online

    Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of adult products or you’re a seasoned sex toy pro, whatever your experience, we think you’ll enjoy shopping here at Newlovin.ie much more than at any brick-and-mortar Irish sex shop. But how does [...]
  • How To Buy Sex Toys Discreetly in Ireland

    Making love, holding down a long term relationship or marriage, and leading a sexy and fulfilled lifestyle can seem a little difficult in Ireland at times. We're renowned for our friendliness and helpful natures, but if Mrs O'Malley spots young Patrick [...]
  • How To Talk Your Partner Round To Sex Toys

    As a busy online sex shop we often deal with questions from curious husbands to perplexed girlfriends. The most common of these asks which sex toys should couples use in the bedroom, and how to actually go about it. It's quite the norm for couples to have [...]
  • Valentine's Lingerie Buyer's Guide

    It’s that time of year again. Men around the country are fretting as they try to find a unique Valentine’s Day gift for their loved one. Flowers and chocolate are a given at this stage and every woman will be expecting something along those lines to be [...]
  • Luxury Valentine's Day Sex Toys

    Valentine’s Day is coming up and panic is setting in with couples up and down the country as they try to find the right gift for their loved one. This special day provides an excellent opportunity to spice up your sex life and put the spark back in your [...]

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