5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Sex Toys Online

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of adult products or you’re a seasoned sex toy pro, whatever your experience, we think you’ll enjoy shopping here at Newlovin.ie much more than at any brick-and-mortar Irish sex shop. But how does purchasing sex toys online compare to visiting an adult store in a large town or city?

Ease of Use

Purchasing sex toys online is as simple as a few clicks on your tablet and you’re ready to rock! A whole range of toys, lingerie, sex aids and more are available for you to browse and purchase. There’s no need to feel shy about asking a sales assistant for what you want. Most online sex shops offer detailed product specifications and advice. You’ll also save time and money by not having to travel, perhaps then to find the shop is out of stock of what you want. Online, you’ll know exactly what’s available at the time you want to purchase.

What About Discretion?

Not all of us are confident enough to walk down a busy street, into a sex shop and ask in detail for what we want. Many of us wouldn’t want others to see us going into a store. Maybe because we don’t want others knowing our personal business. Or, maybe you still feel sensitive about the kinds of reactions sex shops got when they were first opened in Ireland in the 1990s. Whatever your reason for feeling uncomfortable going to a store, using a sex shop online offers an unbeatable degree of discretion. Shopping is completely secure. You can remove your browser history if you so wish. All items are packaged securely and discretely. So, no-one but you and us know what you bought – and we’re not about to tell!

Range of Products

Bricks and mortar stores can be nice to take a look around. They may have fun displays. However, they all suffer the same limitation – space. If you purchase sex toys online then you don’t have that type of problem! If we buy in a new range of toys, we expand our webpage – it’s simple! This means we can offer you a great range of goodies to choose from.


Okay, it sounds a bit boring, but let’s talk business. Bricks and mortar stores have multiple overheads and retail rents aren’t cheap. They have to pass their costs on to you, their customers. Not convenient, right? Who wants to spend more on their fun than they have to? Online shops have lower overheads. This means we can offer competitive prices, giving you more bang for your buck!


Here in Ireland, sex shops are only located in the larger urban areas. Anybody living a more rural life has a journey on their hands if they want to use them. Add to this the possibility the shop may not have what you want and you can see why reliability is an issue. Who wants to drive 50 miles to find they can’t buy what they wanted? A major advantage of purchasing sex toys online is that it’s easy to search for merchandise you want to buy. You know immediately if it’s available, in what colour, what size, and more. You don’t have the disappointment of a wasted journey. Sure the instant satisfaction of the purchase is a little diminished by waiting a couple of days for delivery. But, imagine the delight you’ll have when you unwrap that plain paper box. So, overall, we hope you’ll see the benefits of purchasing sex toys online. Why not take a look at our store right now and see what a great range of delights we have just for you!

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