How To Buy Sex Toys Discreetly in Ireland

Making love, holding down a long term relationship or marriage, and leading a sexy and fulfilled lifestyle can seem a little difficult in Ireland at times. We're renowned for our friendliness and helpful natures, but if Mrs O'Malley spots young Patrick heading into the local sex shop, you can be sure she will be gossiping about it with Seamus at the local butcher's and anybody else she happens to meet while out on her daily rounds.

Buying sex toys discreetly made easy

New Lovin is the 100% Irish online sex shop that offers you the means to buy sex toys discreetly to enhance your love life, meaning Mrs O'Malley will know absolutely zero about your purchases or shopping habits. Well, unless she has access to your Internet account and banking details, of course, if so you could be in big trouble! You'll find every type of sex toy you could possibly desire in our wide range of toys and sexy accessories. Enhancing your pleasures in sex is an easy matter when you buy sex toys discreetly online at New Lovin. We understand just how important your love life is and buying your sex toys online with us, is the simplest method you can use to browse the variety of toys we have on sale and to buy your sex toys in a discreet manner. Many people find just the thought of going into a local sex shop can be off putting and lead to embarrassing situations that may be difficult to handle. Your fears are not unfounded, when you shop with New Lovin you'll find it's easy to buy sex toys discreetly, spend as long as you need browsing all the different products on offer, make secure payments, and what's more the shipping policy we offer is just as discreet as shopping with us.

Rest assured with our shipping policy

The discretion we provide extends to the packaging and shipping policy we operate. All our packages are despatched in plain brown boxes or heavy duty, white jiffy bags. You won't find any markings, labels or branding on our packages to give any indications that they have been sent from an online sex retailer. What's more our products are always double packed and we use plenty of packaging materials to ensure the contents of our parcels don't rattle around loose inside parcels. If you need your sex toy purchase package delivered to the workplace or any private address, you can be sure the contents and sender will remain anonymous and defy scrutiny of any kind.


If your love life needs spicing up, yet you're a little unsure about the types of sex toys on offer or whether you really want to visit your local sex shop in Ireland to make purchases, then shopping online at New Lovin is the way forward. Our helpful sales team can give you any assistance you may need, you'll also find a good deal of information on our blog and website to help you make the right choice of sex toy and ensure your total happiness. Buy sex toys discreetly with New Lovin today and you’ll never look back!

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