Nipple Clasps with 14.5" Metal Chain

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Nipple Clasps with 14.5" Metal Chain

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These Nipple Chain Clasps will bring out a whole new dimension in nipple play. Once you feel the weighty, metallic chain swinging around your chest and breasts you'll be hooked. Simply pinch the clasps open and release on your nipples. Ohh Baby, it hurts so good!!!

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Nipple clamps are popular nipple sex accessories, designed to fit directly on the nipple and are known as "sensation play" sex toys. When applied, nipple clamps squeeze the skin together and force the blood out of the area being clamped down on, creating a sensation people find both uncomfortable and pleasurable. How do they work? When a nipple clamp is first applied there can be an intense sensation of pinching and pressure. After a while this sensation tends to diminish and the area can feel numb. Once the clamp is removed, and blood rushes back into the nipple, the wearer will feel another rush of intense sensation. Even though they’re usually called nipple clamps, these toys can be used on all parts of the body if desired. If you're using a clamp on another body part you just want to make sure that the clamp you buy has the right kind of pad or contact so it will stay on the part of your body you want to clamp it to.

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