Anal Thai Beads Plastic for Him or Her

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Anal Thai Beads Plastic for Him or Her

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Add Eastern eroticism to your lovemaking with these unisex Thai beads for bedroom bliss. These beads are famous for being the first anal toy to take off in the Western world and will indulge your Far East fantasy for the ultimate orgasm. These Thai beads intensify your orgasm, and are great for use by him or her. These beauties go a long way towards achieving anal ecstasy, and when removed quickly at the point of orgasm, they promise an explosive result that's intense and super satisfying. Adding a touch of the orient to your big O, these beads come with a safety clip for easy use by both men and women.

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Thai Beads are renowned for being the first anal toy to arrive in the western world, one of the treasures from the Orient. The Thai Anal Beads are designed for anal stimulation. Suitable for those new to anal sex as well as more experienced couples, these Thai Anal Beads are inserted into the anal area prior to or during sex, then removed quickly at the point of orgasm to elongate and maximise the orgasm. A safety clip is included with is clipped to the end of the plastic thread of beads once they are inserted into the anus. This wider plastic clip stops the Anal Beads from travelling up, and makes for easy removal. As the Thai Anal Beads are plastic, they are easy to clean. Be sure to use an anti-bacterial adult sex products cleaner for optimum hygiene. These Thai Anal Beads can be used by persons of either gender and for enjoyment within any sexuality preference. They can also be used as an aid in training the anal area in readiness for anal sex.

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Good for price Review by GeorgF
Very basic and very simple plastic toy, but good in use! (Posted on 03/10/2015)

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